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Welcome and thank you for taking your time to explore my website. I hope you'll enjoy the rich festations of this area.

 UPDATE 2014:

The majority of the website has been put on lockdown. There will be a return of the website, possibly in the future. But not right now. 



Here we would have the polls.

 The results are in!
The results are in for the previous polls! The previous polls were: 'Who is better?' and 'Best smiley face?'

Who is better? ended up with the following results:

 SONIC!  4   8%
 MARIO! 15  28%
 RAYMAN!  8  15%
 That crazy old man down the street! 18  34%
 None of the above!  8  15%
 Total number of votes:  53 100%

It looks like Sonic really took a beating in our caster's votes, while the crazy man living in our streets was the victor! Mario is a popular one as well and Rayman tied with the vote of "none of these weirdos".
Thank you for voting!


Best smiley face? ended up with the following results:

  7   19%
  0     0%
  9    24%
 =(  0     0%
  4   11%
 O.o  5   14%
 -_-  2    5%
 =P  2    5%
 ;)  1    3%
  7  19%
 Total number of votes:  37 100%
Most people were fond of the XD smiley, which is no suprise - who wouldn't want to ROFL at one of those hysterical videos, or FAIL actions? In a tied second is people who don't like using smileys at al and of course the notorious :D big smile. A lot of people were fond of the O.o 'what-the smiley' and quite some also liked the evil laugh }=D, which came as a suprise to me, actually. Something I made up myself becoming so popular (well let's not get ahead of ourselves - 4 people is not 'popular')! Not as many people liked the -_- and =P smileys, but even less liked the ;) wink; only one! And then there's sad little big-smile's cousin =D big-smile-long-eyes and =( big-frown-long-eyes which didn't get any votes! Aww...
Thanks for participating!


Thanks all, for coming to Shrooblord Inc's Homepage. I have updated the site with my superior intelligence of sites.

To be honest, Shroobonic Droids did this for me. Not that I can`t. It's just that kings have other stuff to worry about.

So, see the difference? No? Well, I`m going to have to log it all here then... 


  1. Added entries to the Wiki concerning one of our games.
  2. Closed the polls Who is better? and Best smiley face? and published results.
  3. Made some appearance changes and interface edits.